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    Licence opportunity
    Licence Opportunity -
    No Rot! Building System
    "The sustainable building system that makes a difference to the environment and consumers pockets"
  • Healthy & Safer environments that are cost competitive
  • Due to International expansion & improved coverage of the New Zealand market, we are seeking Licence applications for this unique patented building system
  • The building system offers benefits to builders, designers and consumers
  • Experience in building industry is beneficial, but not essential, as full training and ongoing support is provided
  • Prices for Area Licencees vary according to the area and building within the area

  • What does it mean having a Cornerstone Licence?
  • The rights to market and build in the Patented product of "Cornerstone Building system" of some 12 years
  • To own the rights in a particular area to market, build using a product on the cutting edge, which excels in energy efficiency in a time when energy savings are a priority everywhere on the planet
  • Area Licencees can have Sub licencees, who will also enjoy the same benefits although they will purchase through the Area Licencee who will enjoy the price margin difference on the m2 rate of the panels between the Licencee and Sub licencee
  • The Licence is similar to Franchise in that systems have been developed to make the system a more turn key operation
  • Marketing materials are readily available such as signage, Brochures, Design Manuals, Stationary materials, Business cards, Standard Plans, mostly in electronic format to assist in being a sustainable example
  • Licence operations
  • The Patented Cornerstone building system has been set up as a Licence/Franchise system first then a second tier, sub-licence/franchise as a network to share the workload and best service the areas throughout the country. The sub licencees can also sell to builders who do not wish to become licencees, but their client wants a Cornerstone Home. The sub Licencee would train the builder, sell the product and another builder could be converted - a mixture of the franchise system and networking combined. Robert Kiosaki said the best system was networking but that would increase the price so this is the "Cornerstone" business builder system, which I considered to be the best and fastest way to get the feet on the ground to service the clients economically.
  • The Sub Licence part has only been in action 3 years and is starting to go better as there were people wanting to purchase areas that were already sold in the area they lived, so this was a good option as they still had to purchase product through the licencee of the area they were building in and although they did not share the same price for the panels they could build in any part of New Zealand by the same method.
  • Licencees are from a building background to Designers, and clients having built in the system wanting to be part of the equation. Area Licencees, marketers and the Licensor can sell sub licencees to suitable people. The person, having first spoken to the prospective sub-licencee, being the actual sales person, to receive the financial benefit. Approval, Licence agreement & admin fee responsibility with Licensor. Of course as more people are recruited to the team the whole team benefits. Ultimately we all benefit by the improvement to the environment while impacting on the homeowners life in a positive way financially while giving them ongoing savings, safety, comfort and an affordable healthy home exceeding the World Health standards.
  • If no Area Licencee then a client/builder sub-licencee can go direct to Licensor.